Google Adds New Features to Google Plus Pages

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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If you’re continuing to have some growing pains with Google +’s Pages which were newly released last month, you may get some peace of mind to know that Google is listening to your grumbling yesterday Google announced their release of new Google + Pages features based on feedback from users.

Multiple Administrators for Google+ Pages (Up to 50)

Finally, more than one person can be in charge of making changes to your business’s Google+ page. You can now add up to 50 managers who have the ability to login and manage your +Page by publishing posts, responding to comments, adding photos, etc.

With Google being so forthright about the growing influence of social influence on search results, you’ll certainly want a team of people keeping your +Page in order rather than designating it solely to the intern.

Notification Settings

The new notification settings allow Page owners to see what actions are happening on their +Page.

In addition, you’re able to customize the notifications depending on how detailed you want those notifications to be. You can also adjust where the notification emails are sent and how you’d like to be notified.

+1 and Circle Count, Together at Last

The distinction between +1s and the Circle Count has been a bit confusing. Previously, people could add your business +Page to their Circle, +1 your Google+ Page, and +1 you on the web, with each number being displayed differently on your +Page. I know, confusing, right?

Well, Google is trying to simplify it a bit by now making the bold count on your page a combined number of your +1s on Google+, your +1s across the web, and the number of people who have added you to a Circle.

This allows that prominent bold number to more accurately display the number of people recommending you and following you, even if some people added you to a Circle but forgot to +1, or vice versa.

Those are the big changes for + Business Pages, but there are a couple more new features being released that will benefit all Google+ users.

Adjust Volume of Circle Stream

Google has introduced a handy way to adjust the number of posts you’ll see from a particular Circle. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about Aunt Ethel and Grandma’s Scrabble matches but want to hear more from your Co-Workers. Google+’s little slider bar has you covered.

New and Improved Photo Experience

Google+ has been said to be a growing playground for photographers looking to showcase and get feedback on their work. Encouraging this venue for snapshots, Google has cleaned up and improved their Google+ photo viewing experience with Lightbox.

Lightbox includes improved design and navigation, as well as a new photo-tagging system that Google calls “fun and fluid.”

Hopefully these new features will make the New Year a little easier for everyone using Google+.

Source from : Business2community